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Shenzhen Feng Mao packaging products Co., Ltd., with independent import and export rights of private enterprises. In the past ten years, with the unremitting pursuit of printing quality and customer satisfaction, Feng Mao packaging has become the ten strong printing and packaging enterprise in Shenzhen. At present, the factory has an area of more than 10000 square meters and has more than 200 employees. Among them, the senior management and printing professional technicians have reached 20, and there are more than ten advanced printing and post process processing machines. At the same time, in pursuit of equipment investment, according to the service characteristics of the printing enterprise, it cites the modern enterprise management model actively, and has become the top ranking private enterprise in Shenzhen. It has been named "the heavy contract and the credit enterprise".
We set up design and development, color separation, printing and processing. We are dedicated to providing one-stop service for customers. The range of products includes gift packaging, exquisite color boxes, handbags, all kinds of hardcover books, paperback books, business pictorial books, publishing books, high-grade magazines and greeting cards and so on. In the course of the development of the company, we always adhere to the management concept of "talent - based, culture - based and quality - oriented". At present, it has established a good cooperative relationship with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. We always pursue professional, personalized and diversified product services, only to meet all the needs of our customers!
Enterprise advantage
Geographical location, located in Shenzhen, adjacent to Hongkong, sea, road, air traffic is very convenient. The modern enterprise management mode has passed the ISO9000 management system. The equipment is strong enough to introduce a large number of advanced equipment in Germany, Japan, Sweden and Taiwan. Strong technical force, a large number of experienced technical personnel and management personnel.
Company vision: to become the best printing industry in the same industry in China.
Company mission: revitalizing Chinese printing industry and developing China's new economic and cultural industry
Business objective: strive to become the top ten printing enterprises in Guangdong in three years.
Quality policy: support unremitting pursuit of product zero defects, and improve customer satisfaction forever.
Business philosophy: professional, comprehensive, efficient and high quality
Service Items:
(1) pre press service
1, door to door negotiation business;
2, understand the customer requirements, quick quotation;
3, to provide suggestions and amendments to customers, carefully check the initial film and draft, sign the contract;
4, implement three schools on the original manuscript, film and manuscript, and implement the signature system of the production staff.
And signed by the customer.
5. Provide proofing proofing services for more complex printing products so that customers can have a better understanding of the production of products.
Process effect;
6, make clear the production requirements, do our best to provide technical support for our customers.
"Clear and definite", which provides the blue paper clothing for the customers who do not have the proofing and the relevant requirements.
Make sure to arrange the production according to the customer's request.
(2) printing service
1, conscientiously and responsibly strictly print according to the draft or customer requirements.
2, printing samples must be passed by two levels to strive for perfection.
3, in order to meet the requirements of customers, solve problems in printing timely.
(3) post press processing
1, arrange the sequence of each process according to the requirements of customers and the characteristics of the products, and arrange the production reasonably.
2. Test the quality and quantity of the printed semifinished products.
3, strictly control the quality and quantity of printed matter and issue certificates.
(4) service
1, packing and packing according to customers' requirements, free delivery in the city, large quantity of vehicles to send porter;
2. Send printed products to foreign customers according to their requirements.
3, take seriously the customer's opinion, give the product quality problem to the customer complain, give the preliminary in one day.
The solution will be solved in a week.

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